Applying for a Producer Account

To obtain an account number with the Facility you must complete Request for Producer Account, Commission Direct Deposit Authorization Form, IRS form W-9 available at and provide a copy of your current agent or agency license for the State of Missouri. You have the option to receive computer generated documents electronically by completing the Affirmative Consent for Electronic Delivery form. If you wish to access the producer portal you must also complete and return the Producer Access Agreement form.


Missouri Fair Plan accepts application on those properties that, for whatever reason, do not qualify for coverage on the standard market. All property will be inspected by the Fair Plan. For more information, please see the Producer’s Guide.


The Missouri Fair Plan application must be completed for dwelling, commercial or farm property. If completing a commercial application, you must also submit a Class Rate form and a Statement of Diligent Effort. If completing a farm application, you must also submit a Farm Property form and a Statement of Diligent Effort.

For vacant properties, the producer must also complete the Vacancy Supplement Information Form and submit with the application.

There is a separate sinkhole application required for this coverage. Submit an application for each fire division or habitational structure. Along with the application you will find the sinkhole rate schedule. The premium for the coverage desired should be submitted with the completed application and photos.

Front and rear photos must be submitted with all applications. Include contents photos if applying for contents coverage.

A property loss notice should be completed for all claims and either mailed or faxed to the Fair Plan.